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Posted on: May 24, 2015

Started using the computer. Play games at Nick Jr website.




High Fashion


Learning to put on socks

Studying hard for her iPad exam

My family visited the Zoo today. It was a warm and humid day but I enjoyed myself at the Zoo. One of the first animals we visited was the white tiger. They are big and magnificent. I was waiting for the tiger to roar but all I heard was grunting.

There were many activities for children and feeding the animals was one of them. I fed the goats some leaves I picked from the ground and also some water buffaloes some fruits. You can see me feeding the goat in the video below and the water buffalo in the photos set.

We also saw a few animals show and my favorite one was the mice, cats and dogs show. They even allow us to pat the dogs after the show. Some children were blowing bubbles and I had a fun time running and popping bubbles.

More photos taken at the Zoo here:

I found out I took to the pool like a fish to water. I love swimming and my first lesson was swimming in circles. See my video below.

More photos of me swimming here:


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